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• Anal Fistula is said to be a small tunnel that develops between an infected gland and the upper
skin inside the anus.
• 50 percent of people form abscesses due to an infection that later molds into the fistula.


• Chrons disease
• Trauma
• Infection
• Sexually transmitted disease
• Unhygienic
• Cancer.
• Diverticulitis


• Pain around the anus
• Bloody and foul Smelling pus
• Fever with chills
• Pain while defecation
• Fatigue
• Irritation and itching in anus
• Redness, swelling and torn skin around anus


• Ultrasound
• Anoscopy

Foods to eat

• Eat wheat, oatmeal, brown rice
• Can also have pulses kidney beans, and chickpeas.
• Have Moong Dal, Masur Dal, and soybean.
• Eat lots of green salads which include lettuce, carrot, tomato
• Can have high fiber fruits
• Eat spinach, cabbage, capsicum
• Can opt for cold things
• Eat yogurt
• Can have coconut water and lots of liquids.

Foods to avoid

• Avoid eating high fiber dairy products such as milk, cream
• Avoid spicy food
• Avoid fried food, street food, Fast food
• Avoid alcohol
• Avoid salty food
• Avoid red meat
• Avoid caffeinated beverages

Homeopathic remedies

1. Silicea
This is said to be one of the top most remedy in treating anal fistulas. Patient often
complains of painful defecation with blood in stools.

2. Hepar Sulphuricum
This is also one of the indicated remedies in fistulas of the anus. There is severe burning pain
in anus with high inflammation and swollen skin around the anus.

3. Hydrastis
This remedy is mostly indicated where fistula develops with prolapse of the anus. There is
severe and chronic constipation. The patient often complains of dull and severe headaches.
Stiffness in back present .

4. Nitric Acid
Anal Fistula associated with fissure is the characteristic feature of this remedy .there is
great difficulty in passing stools with bleeding hemorrhoids. There is oozing of bright
red profuse blood from stools. Dark offensive horse-like urine is also well-marked
feature of this remedy.

5. Calcarea Sulphuricum
Anal Fistula with thick yellow discharge is the feature of this remedy. Some patients also
complain of purulent bloody discharge from the fistula. There is severe stitching pain in
the anus due to fistula.

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