A Case of Allergic Bronchitis Cure by Homeopathy

A 43-year-old patient his Name V.J.
And Registration Number ADG-25. he was (6/3/2024) with his complaint recurrent bronchitis .This complaint started since 2022. breathlessness allergic to pollen’s dust and sessional changes.

Symptoms:-Runinig nose ,cough, fever, throat infection

Past History: -His done surgery of hernia 2012
Family history: –
His had mother hypertension and acidity.
His had father had skin allergy
He has 1 siblings
1 younger sister has Skin problem and second younger sister has Hysterectomy
Physical general: –
His appetite was good and non-vegetarian and he can control his hunger and thirst was good and he prefers in eating mostly spacy thing. he didn’t like milk product. And his sleep was good and urine motion also good
Thermal -Hot patien
Not Easily mix-up with people he was very calm nature with very Emotional and very helpful and caring nature and his confidence was good and his contraction was also good. And he has suppressed emotions.


After a detail case analysis and taking his chief complaints, physical generals and mental characteristic into consideration Lycopodium 200 single was prescribed.
Follow -up- 16/04/2024
N0 history of cold and cough. 85% relief in runnig nose and also relief in cough and no throat infection and started taking ice cream cold water can under fan no complaints now. Given medicine for 40 days.

Conclusion: –

In conclusion, Homeopathy a holistic approach to treating Allergic bronchitis , However, it is important to consult a qualified practitioner for correct time and dosage and duration of treatment. Remedies can help alleviate symptom, report underlying causes, and support the body’s vital healing abilities.

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