Elephantiasis v/s Homeopathy

Homeopathic Treatment For Elephantiasis | Dr. Vaseem Choudhary

Elephantiasis is also known as lymphatic filariasis. It’s caused by parasitic worms, and the mode of spread is from person to person through mosquitoes.

Symptoms Of Elephantiasis

The most common symptom of elephantiasis is edema of body parts. The commonly affected sites are the legs, Genitals, Breasts, and Arms. However, the affected skin may show the symptoms like dryness, increased thickness of the skin, ulceration, Hyperpigmentation of the affected area, and Pitting Oedema.

Sometimes the above complaints can be associated with fever and chills.

Scope of Homeopathy :

Homoeopathy has been proven useful in treating elephantiasis in its various stages. Homeopathic treatment of elephantiasis aims at ameliorating acute complaints and preventing complications. They stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanism to fight the antigens, thus improving the lymph flow in the lymphatic system.

Homeopathic Medicines For Elephantiasis

There are many homeopathic medicines that are used to cure cases of filariasis, some specific of them are as follows:

  1. Hydrocotyle Asiatica: This remedy is indicated where there is an intense thickening of affected Skin along with the presence of copper-colored eruptions. Intolerable itching especially of soles. The person represents the syphilitic affections.
  2. Silicea: This remedy can be thought of where there is the icy coldness of feet with profuse and offensive perspiration. Soreness of feet from instep through the soles. painless swelling of glands. Offensive pustular discharge from cracked skin.
  3. Apis Mellifica: This remedy is indicated when feet become swollen and stiff after a bite and feels too large. Skin gets sore, and sensitive with stinging pain. Sudden puffing up of the whole body.
  4. Merc Sol: This remedy is useful where Skin is constantly moist. Glands swell every time person takes a cold. Formation of yellowish brown crust with dropsical swelling of legs and feet.
  5. Petroleum: This remedy is well indicated where the skin is rough thick and leathery. Formation of thick greenish crust, Burning, and Itching. Cracks bleed easily. Thin watery discharge from cracks.


In conclusion, Homeo Care Clinic offers a holistic approach to treating elephantiasis. The remedies mentioned above can treat the underlying causes of the condition and offer relief from the discomfort. However, it is important to consult a qualified homeopathic practitioner for the correct dosage and duration of treatment. Homeo Care Clinic provides comprehensive care for various ailments, including elephantiasis, and offers customized treatment plans based on individual requirements.

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