Homeopathic Management of Psoriasis on Scalp

scapl Psoriasis


• Nowadays scalp psoriasis is said to be the most common disease in summer
• Around 50 percent of the population is facing scalp psoriasis
• It mainly affects the entire scalp region.
• Some people also deal with scalp psoriasis which spread to the forehead, neck
and back of ears.


• Immune dysfunction
• Allergens
• Family history
• Smoking
• Infection bacterial and viral
• Lack of vitamin D
• Skin injury
• Alcohol


• Silvery red patches
• Purplish plaques
• Yellow skin flakes
• Itching sensation
• Dryness of scalp
• Bleeding crust formation
• Burning of scalp
Hair loss in the affected part

Do and Don’ts in Psoriasis on the scalp

• Eat nuts seeds sprouts
• Eat fresh fruits like oranges, lime, watermelon
• Eat bananas
• Avoid gluten products
• Avoid drinking coffee
• Avoid eating eggs
• Can have yogurt
• Can have lemon juice


• Which deficiency causes scalp psoriasis
Scientific studies show that Vitamin D deficiency causes scalp psoriasis.

• Preventing tips for scalp psoriasis to cure naturally
Apply aloe vera, oatmeal bath, and coconut oil to reduce scalp psoriasis.

• Which topical cream to be applied for scalp psoriasis
Topical Cream having content of salicylic acid can cure scalp psoriasis.

• Can Vitamin supplements reduce scalp psoriasis
Vitamin D and Vitamin E supplements help to reduce psoriasis to a certain
extent .

Homeopathic Management

1. Arsenic album
Mostly indicated in the anxious restless chilly patients. Skin appears to be
dry and scaly. Scratching makes itching worse. Heat application
brings relief.

2. Petroleum

One of the best remedies indicated in people who suffer from psoriasis
due to emotional stress. Dry scaly skin is present with psoriasis
spreading on fingertips and palms. Skin is tough and leathery. There is
severe itching more in the night.

3. Sulphur

This is also one of the best remedies for psoriasis of the scalp. There is
burning and itching present all over the scalp. Bright red inflamed
eruptions present on the scalp which burns more on scratching.

4. Mercurius Solubilis

This is also one of the best remedies indicated for scalp psoriasis.
Severe itching presents with burning pain. Eruptions may sometimes
bleed causing oozing of pus. psoriasis spread to even the back of the neck
and ears.

5. Staphysagria

One of the best remedies for psoriasis of the scalp. Symptoms usually
occur after suppressed emotions and grief. Severe burning and
itching are present all over the scalp.

Homeo Care Clinic

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