Home Eye Safety Month

Eye safety Month in Pune


October calls for celebrating Home Eye Safety Month. Many organizations come up with supportive ideas to protect your Vision. People focus on bad habits and correct themselves in order to prevent eye diseases in their day-to-day lives. Awareness keeps our bodies safe. According to reports by the prevention of Blind, an association has said that around 25 percent of the population gets affected by household chemicals causing damage to the eye’s vision. So in order to guide youth, it is important to encourage people to maintain safety at their homes too.

Tips to be followed

  • Protect eyes during gardening such as maintaining of proper equipment used in the garden, and keeping chemicals and fertilizers.
  • Keep an eye-safe during garage work or handling your own vehicle maintenance such as wearing eye-safety goggles.
  • Be safe when working with batteries.
  • Follow Precautionary measures when working at home such as being aware of household chemicals, and keeping proper ventilation.

Read and follow instructions before using any household items.

  • Light your room well.
  • Manage breaks from working on digital screens.

Tips for every woman at home

  • Maintain a proper distance of face when handling hot oil or frying to avoid hot splash.
  • Handle knives at the proper angle.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes after touching onions, and chilies.
  • Keep a good cloth to wipe and clean your hands after touching spicy items.

Common eye injuries

  • Eye abrasion
  • Style
  • Diplopia
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Hemorrhage on the eye due to hit or fall


  • Redness of eyes
  • Burning and irritation
  • Swelling
  • Difficulty in vision
  • Pain in the affected part.
  • Bleeding

Homeo Care Clinic:

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