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Diet for Weight Loss Programm

Best Diet for Weight Loss in Pune

If you are facing many health problems due to overweight, you must follow the diet chart for weight loss. Here Dr. Vaseem Choudhary gives you the best natural diet plan for you to lose weight naturally.

Waking up

Empty stomach






After coming home



Before sleep


1 glass of warm water with lemon Boiled sprouted pulses 1 cup.

1 glass of milk/water with 1 spoon of honey

veg cooked in minimum oil,1 cup dal,

small amount of  brown rice, green salads.

A glass of milk


Raw methi salad with tomato Bhakri Chappati/along with dinner Half Fruits Atleast 15 min before sleep
Tuesday 1glass of warm water with 1 spoon of honey Raw sprouted pulses 1 cup. 1 glass of milk with protein powder Same for all days Avoid oily, spicy food Same everyday Cucumber, tomato, beetroot with curd
Wednesday Same as Monday Dry fruits milk shake (anger,almond,black dates)
Can add honey or jagerry instead of sugar
Cucumber, cabbage, tomato salad with some sprouted pulses
Thursday Same as Tuesday Same as Tuesday Same as Monday
Friday Same as Monday Same as Monday Same as Tuesday
Saturday Same as Tuesday Same as wed Same as wed
Sunday Plain warm water 1 glass Whatever u want

Follow Below Tips:

  • Milk should be alternated with warm water
  • 1/4th Cup of plain Non-fat yogurt
  • If possible have Chavanprash daily in the morning
  • Non-veg is required should be in lunch and only in boiled form
  • After dinner sit in vajrasan for 5 min
  • Have dinner as early as possible
  • Pulses should be moong, Bengal-gram, and peanuts. Can use matki
  • Go for soybean or olive oil preparation.
  • If possible have 1 boiled egg daily in the morning
  • Can drink fresh carrot, beet, amla, ghavankur juices in the morning after the walk.
  • Morning walk is must be followed by yoga-like pranayam [ kapalbhati, anulom vilam]
  • Boiled vegetables
  • Cabbage, gajar – cutlets without oils – 2/week
  • Soup, vegetables
  • Avoid bread.
  • Milk, curd, sprouts.


Dr. Vaseem Choudhary has treated many patients whos having health issues with multiple disorders affecting dut to increasing body weight successfully with his mastery skills and expertise in knowledge Along with treatment for conservative management diet and exercise is also recommended to the patient for best results Please visit the centre for further details.