Case Study – Fissure in Ano Treatment By Homeopathy

Fissure Homeopathy Treatment in Pune

A 32- Year Old Male Patient, Mr. Dr. S.S (Register Number – ABF 67) came to Homeo Care Clinic for the treatment of Fissure in Ano on 20thFeb 2021. He had Perianal Abcess in December 2020. He had a history of Excess Non- Veg and Heavy food in December 2020.

However, He developed pain in Anus and swelling near the anus. He consulted multiple surgeons at different hospitals then they examined him and advised him for surgery.

The surgeon treated him with antibiotics, he said that if recovers well and good if it not recovers, then he would consider surgery. After many weeks there was no relief with antibiotics. His friends and family members advised him to avoid surgery and opt for Homeopathic Treatment. He then searched on Google and found out about Homeo Care Clinic & he visited.

A detailed case study of the case was done by Dr. Vaseem Choudhary and examined him and advised initially homeopathic treatment for 8 weeks. 


After 1 month of treatment on 14/03/2021 of he treatment saying that he had pain at anus, swelling, yellowish pus, and dryness at the anus. He was asked to continue with medicines.

After 2 months of treatment on 4/04/2021. He reported that the abscess reduced in size by 50%, yellowish pus reduced by 50%, dryness at the anus, and swelling. The treatment was continued for 2 more months.

After 4 months of treatment on 10/06/2021 he came with a reduction of abscess size, swelling reduced to 90%. Now there was pus in white color and no other complaints. 

After 6 months of treatment on 14/08/2021. He had no complaints. All pus stopped, No Swelling. He recovered in 6 months.

This case highlight that Homeopathy is highly effective in treating Fissure in Ano successfully and safely without any side effects. Also, homeopathy helps avoid surgery and promotes the healing of Fissure in Ano successfully.