World Cancer Day 2022 – Close The Care Gap

World Cancer Day


  • Nowadays due to advanced technology and the modern pace of medical facilities, many cancers are prone to be curable.
  • Physicians all over the globe with their advancement in knowledge and great understanding of the biology of cancer cells have become efficient enough to treat many cancer patients and increase their life span.
  • With the help of screening tests detection of malignancies at early stages and treating the diagnosis cancers deaths are reduced by 50 percent.

According to the American Cancer Society, the following points should not be overlooked if felt in day to day life such as

  • Any change in bowel habit
  • Any lump swelling
  • A sore which is unable to heal
  • Unusual bleeding or discharge
  • Difficulty in deglutition
  • Severe cough or hoarseness of voice.
  • Unusual weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Severe hair loss.


  • Avoid using tobacco in daily lives which gives rise to various uncured diseases.
  • Avoid exposure to smoke fumes which is considered hazardous.
  • Eat healthy meals regularly which include fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables which contain a high amount of vitamins and proteins.
  • Avoid eating excessive non-vegetarian food such as red meat, poultry which have a high amount of fat consumption.
  • Get vaccinated as per the schedule guidelines.
  • Maintain good hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Keep a record of the daily intake of calories to avoid obesity.
  • Avoid excessive drinking of alcohol.
  • Limit exposure to industrial toxins.
  • Avoid getting infections such as hepatitis and HIV which may contribute to cancer.
  • Have vitamins supplements to compensate for your body deficiency.
  • Avoid exposure to radiation.
  • Avoid preservatives and additives
  • Avoid sugary drinks.


  • Blueberry has a high amount of antioxidants which are important nutrients in cancer-fighting food.
  • Drinking green tea also helps in having the risk of cancer diseases.
  • Turmeric used in the preparation of meals contains curcumin which reduces breast and colon cancer.
  • Ginger which is said to be a herb has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Spinach also reduces the risk of cancer diseases.

Homeopathic Remedies for the initial stage of cancer:

  • Ruta Graveolens

Physicians claim that Ruta is considered one of the best remedies for treating the first stage of bladder cancer, kidney cancer. Patient usually complains of laziness, weakness, and depression. complaints are aggravated more on touch and cold. restlessness is also another characteristic feature of this remedy.

  • Lycopodium Clavatum

This medicine is mostly indicated in cancer of the liver and lungs and cervical cancer. Excessive gas,  bloating sensation in the abdomen and indigestion are characteristic features of this remedy.

  • Pulsatilla Nigricans

This remedy is mostly indicated in women who are sensitive,and who cry easily. Usually, symptoms have a tendency to change site frequently. symptoms aggravate more on heat and get relieved by cold .mostly indicated in decreasing the size of breast tumor which is also known as breast fibroadenoma.

  • Conium Maculatum

Mostly indicated in cancer of the breast and enlarged thyroid glands patients often complain of hard nodules in the breast. Also recommended for cervical cancer. usually, pain is aggravated during monthly periods and relieved by the application of pressure.

  • Sabal Serulata

This is also one of the best remedies indicated in disorders related to bladder, prostate, and breast. Enlarged prostate which causes involuntary passing of urine at night .some patients often complain of infection in the bladder.

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