Overuse of Steroids Leading to Pimple

Excessive use of STEROIDS
  • Acne is termed as inflammation of the oil gland in the skin and hair follicle.
  • This is caused by the bacteria named propionibacterium along with other causative agents.
  • Steroid acne usually occurs due to oral, injected, or inhaled steroid drugs.
  • Steroids such as prednisolone and bodybuilding formulations are the main result, leading to these types of acne.
  • Steroid rosacea is also considered a major issue nowadays, which occurs due to topical corticosteroids.

Symptoms :

  • The main affected site is the chest.
  • Formation of comedones which are open and closed black and white heads.
  • Papules are small red bumps.
  • Pustules which are white and yellow spots.
  • Nodules formation which is considered to be large red painful boils.
  • A pseudocyst is a cyst-filled cavity.
  • Scar marks occur due to scratching old acne.
  • Dark marks from old spots.

Anabolic steroid formulation :

  • These types of steroids are mostly used in bodybuilding.
  • The formulation is known as Sustanon.
  • High doses of testosterone may also cause acne.

Prescription steroids :

  • Steroids prescribed usually after the organ transplant surgery and also chemotherapy causing acne are more seen now
  • Steroids acne usually show up after several weeks of treatment
  • The People affected are under the age of 35 and also people having a lighter complexion

How steroids acne occurs :

  • According to recent studies, it is proved that steroids may contribute to body production of immune system receptors known as TLR2 along with propionibacterium which can lead to breakout of acne.


1. Antim Crudum:

Usually, there is granular acne, which is red and lumpy with an inflamed base and red areola in nature. Burning pain is present around the acne site. The face is the most primitive site for this type of acne They appear in blotches. The main reason for this type of acne is depression, which triggers acne. A person is exhausted in his life.

2. Ars Iodatum :

Nodular type of acne is mostly found Anger and irritability lead to the secretion of excess androgen hormone which stimulates the sebum gland to secrete more sebum. So overall this remedy is prescribed a constitutional remedy depending more on mentality in order to achieve a cure.

3. Psorinum

Acne develops due to the oily texture of the face leading to excessive sebum secretion. Acne is a pustular type. Women often complain that if they drink coffee in excessive amounts or if mensis are about to appear  then acne occurs. A person is extremely nervous and frightened and psoric. Another characteristic feature is chilliness which is well marked.

4. Kali Bromatum

Acne is usually indurative in nature which leaves behind scar marks mentally person is very depressed,  nervous, depression is mingled with anxiety. A person is very restless and unable to sleep, keeps scratching all the time due to acne. Burning type of pain is present all over which frustrated him more.

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