Importance Of Personalized Homeopathic Treatment

Personalized Homeopathic Treatment
  • The customized approach to treating patients with homeopathy is increasing at a faster pace worldwide.
  • Homeopathy is based on symptom similarity where the person is treated as a whole and not just the diseased part.
  • Individualization helps in the exact similimum of remedy.
  • Focusing on mind and body and treating patients according to their symptoms including thermals and modalities have given wonderful results in both acute and chronic diseases.
  • World Health Organization has claimed that the Homeopathic mode of the system is said to be one of the fastest and permanent modes of system in treating patients.

Guidance To Treat a Disease With Homeopathy

  • Homeopathic physician at first visit takes a detailed case history of the patient recommended as per the Homeopathic mode of the system.
  • A thorough understanding of the patient depending on various factors such as his mentals along with physical generals, his food pattern, lifestyle makes a clear picture of his personality trait.
  • To support strong case history of past medical illness along with the family medical history from both parents conclude to correct diagnosis.
  • At times ignorant of mental issues in past also leads to the current severity of disease-causing negative impact so minute detail on mentals also helps in reaching to correct similimum.

How Homeopaths Select Homeopathic Remedies

  • HOMEOPATHS believes that triggering factors of ailment differs from person to person.
  • So it’s proven that Homeopathic Remedies only stimulate the body’s own healing response.
  • It targets the immune system and restores its ability to fight the disease in long-term relief.
  • So taking into consideration the totality of symptoms physicians prescribe remedies based on symptom similarity and individualization.


1 . Are Homeopathic Remedies Safe

Homeopathic pills are said to be safe having no side effects. So it can be consumed at any age group from infants up to old age.

 2. Can Homeopathic treatment be taken with other medicines

Homeopathic medicine can be continued along with other conventional treatments too since homeopathy does not only target the diseased organ but covers the patient as a whole.

3. Is Homeopathic treatment cost-effective

As compared to other conventional treatment Homeopathy have a minute cost which can be affordable as it gives long-lasting and permanent results.

4. Does Customised treatment gives long-lasting results

If taken the dose regularly as prescribed by the physician without interference then the results are very effective and permanent.

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