Homeopathic Treatment For Azoospermia

Azoospermia is a condition in which there is no measurable sperm in a man’s ejaculated semen. It is commonly caused by a blockage around the reproductive tract, hormonal problems ejaculation problems, or issues with testicular structure or functions

A normal sperm count is considered to be 15million/ml, men with low sperm counts oligozoospermia or oligospermia have a sperm concentration of less than 15 million/ml, If a male has azoospermia then he has no measurable sperm in your ejaculate


  • Pre-testicular azoospermia
  • Testicular azoospermia
  • Post-testicular Azoospermia
  • Idiopathic azoospermia

Types Of Azoospermia:

  1. Obstructive Azoospermia:

This type of Azoospermia means that there is a blockage or missing connection in the epididymis vas deferens or elsewhere along the reproductive tract the male is producing sperm but it gets blocked from the exit so there is no measurable amount of sperm in the semen

  1. Non-obstructive Azoospermia:

This type of Azoospermia means there is poor or no sperm production due to defects in the structure or function of the testicles or other causes

Causes of Azoospermia:

  • Causes related due to blockage in the reproductive tract mainly occurs due to trauma or injuries to these parts, inflammations, previous surgery’s in the pelvic area, development of a cyst, vasectomy, cystic fibrosis
  • Causes related due to nonobstructive Azoospermia include genetic causes, certain genetic mutations can result in infertility including Kallman syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome,y chromosome deletions, hormonal imbalances endocrinology disorders like hypogonadotropic hypogonadism hyperprolactinemia and androgens resistance, ejaculation problems like retrograde ejaculation where the semen goes into the bladder, testicular causes include anorchia ( absence of testicles), cryptorchidism ( testicles have not dropped into the scrotum ), Sertoli cell-only syndrome ( testicles fail to produce living sperm cells, spermatogenic arrest ( testicles fail to produce fully mature sperm cells), mumps orchitis, testicular torsion, tumors, radiation treatment, varicocele( veins coming from testicles are dilated )


  • Infertility
  • increased body fat, body hair, and breast tissue
  • clear watery or white discharge from the penis
  • veins that are enlarged twisted and seen in the scrotum that feels like a bag of worm
  • Stress and emotional pressure from not being able to conceive a child
  • Testicles are small soft and cannot be felt


  • Measurement of FSH and testosterone
  • Genetic testing
  • X-ray and USG of the reproductive tract
  • Imaging of brain to identify disorders of hypothalamus or pituitary gland
  • Biopsy of the testis to denote blockage


  • Eat a diet of whole nutrient-dense food to foster dense sperm production
  • Eat herbs supplements like black seeds, Tribulus, coenzyme Q10, L carnitine, and zinc
  • Also apart from diet exercise and yoga also helps to lower stress levels cortisol can impact testosterone levels

Homeopathic Remedies:

  • Agnus Castus:

Lowest sexual vitality with corresponding mental depression loss of nervous energy sexual melancholy, no erections, impotence, scanty emission without ejaculation loss of prostatic fluid on straining gleety discharge testicles cold swollen hard painful, hello discharge from the urethra

  • Selenium:

Marked effects on genitourinary organs and elderly men, prostatitis and sexual agony, patient easily exhausted mentally and physically loss of sexual power increased desire and decreased ability semen thin odorless sexual neurasthenia hydrocele dribbling of semen in sleep irritation after coitus

  • Lycopodium:

It is suited most to people having decreased functional power weakness with failure in digestive power symptoms characteristically runs from right to left especially acts on right side of the body no erectile power, impotence, premature emission enlarged prostate

  • Argentum Nitricum:

The patient is intellectually strong but complains of weak memory patient is involved in foolish tasks with strange conclusions due to anxiety patient keeps on  Melancholic it seems time passed too slowly patient feels dullness drowsiness and have a tendency to fall sideways

  • Anacardium:

Fixed ideas, hallucinations thinks he has possessed of two persons or wills anxiety when walking as if pursue absentmindedness very easily offended voluptuous itching increased desire seminal emissions without dreams prostatic discharge during stool

  • Caladium:

During intimacy there is urethral discharge at times there is impotency due to mental suppression severe itching on testicles patient has weak memory forget things easily vague mind he has the high desire for sex with the relaxation of his organs concentration is very less due to which he is unable to put his ideas in speech