Common Female Disorder – International Womens Day 2021

Common Female Disorder

In this modern era of the fast pace of life  women are playing a vital role in all aspects of life because of  this eco-friendly environment, gone are those days when women were only made to handle household chores but  nowadays In this male-dominant country as women have to compete with men in every aspect  there is other space where Female plays a full hundred percent role which is going on since decades and that is giving birth to offspring

Many health issues arise in every women’s life at every stage of life some of which today Homeo Care Clinic, Pune will bring to in limelight.

Health Problems Listed Below:

  • Cancer
  • Mental health
  • Postmenopausal issues such as osteoporosis
  • Heart disease
  • Pregnancy issues
  • Damage to female reproductive tract

1. Pregnancy issues:

Medical conditions such as asthma diabetes, hypertension, depression, anemia can harm the mother and child during pregnancy if not managed properly even conditions like preeclampsia can be life-threatening if not treated properly, so proper attention is needed by physicians in such type of cases along with the patient to achieve a proper cure and avoid hazards

2. Postmenopausal issues

Usually, osteoporosis is noticed in 80 percent of females of menopausal age, It weakens the bones causing them to break easily

  • Factors such as alcohol, smoking, lack of exercise, steroid use are some of the causative factors to crop up this issue
  • Symptoms noticed are pain while walking, restricted movement, redness, and swelling in legs, slight motion aggravates the pain.

3. Cancer:

It is seen that millions of women are prone to cancer some of which are as follows

  • Breast cancer:

This type of cancer usually  originates in the lining of milk ducts usually have a tendency to progress to other organs which may be non-threatening but still needs attention too

  • Cervical and ovarian cancer:

Cervical cancer originates in the lower uterus while ovarian cancer starts in the fallopian tubes, similar pain is noticed in both cancer with discharge from the vagina.

  • Human papilloma virus:

causes a variety of cancers which is harmful to women

  • Anal cancer:

20 percent of the population are faced with these type of cancers, women who are more prone to hemorrhoids and also to anal sex are affected by these type of cancer

  • Colorectal cancer:

These type of cancers are also noticed in 20 percent of the population Factors which are responsible for these type of cancer are diabetes, obesity, adenomatous polyp smoking

symptoms like rectal bleed, diarrhea and Constipation, abdominal cramps, weakness , loss of appetite are noticed

4. Mental health:

Natural hormonal imbalances can lead to depression and anxiety, some females suffer from emotional stress due to siblings or dear ones being parted away leading to depression whereas others acquire post-delivery a form of depression known as baby blues

  • commonly noticed symptoms such as menstrual irregularities, emotional stress, anxiety, fear, lack of confidence are looked upon

5. Damage to the female reproductive tract:

The female reproductive tract consists of both internal and external organs

Internal organs such as the uterus fallopian tubes, ovaries which plays a vital role in pregnancy can be affected by any type of diseases

  • Some of which are ovarian cysts, PCOD fibroids, endometriosis, ectopic pregnancies, IUD, infertility.
  • Symptoms vary according to a particular disease but some are pain due to pressure because of the build-up of scar tissue, abnormal discharges, weakness pale skin, irregular pulse, anemia, etc

Homeopathic Management:

  • Borax ,pulsutilla ,sepia:

These remedies are mostly indicated in conditions of infertility where the female often complains of scanty menses or no menses leading to infertility. Also, acrid vaginal discharges especially in borax leads to infertility weakness tiredness and fatigue are also some of the symptoms noticed

  • Phytolacca ,Thuja ,carcinosin:

These remedies are mostly indicated in cancers of a female especially breast and cervical cancer, glandular tumors which become hard and scirrhous, ulcerations that eat up the glands and turn ducts aside calls for this remedy throbbing pain in the affected side are noticed with high inflammation

  • Argentum nitricum ,aconite ,ignatia:

These remedies are mostly indicated for all type of mental stress in females, fear of death, fear of events, suicidal tendencies, lack of confidence, anxiety forgetfulness calls for this remedy

  • Carboveg ,cimicifuga ,Nux vomica:

Pregnancy Related issues often call for these type of remedies ,complaints such as Eclampsia ,loss of appetite during pregnancy ,nausea followed by vomiting on smell and sight of food ,anaemic feeling ,weakness , debilitated ,pale skin often calls for these remedies


Dr. Vaseem Choudhary and his team have treated many patients successfully with all types of women issues so if your family member are facing any health issue please visit our centre for further assistance at Homeo Care Clinic, Pune.