Renal Calculi

  • Renal calculi are also called kidney stones and nephrolithiasis.
  • They are said to be hard deposits that are made up of salts, and minerals.
  • Renal calculi are produced when urine becomes concentrated.
  • Kidney stones can get detached in any part of the urinary tract from the kidney up to the urethra.
  • If diagnosed at an early stage it can cause no harm to the body.



  • When urine contains crystals such as calcium, oxalate, and uric acid.
  • Recurrent tendency to form kidney stones.
  • More amount of calcium intake in diet .
  • Drinking less water per day .
  • High amount of protein and salt intake
  • Dehydration
  • Hereditary disorders such as cystinuria
  • Certain supplements like calcium based supplements and medication such as topiramate used for seizures and migraine.



  • Calcium oxalate stones

Body produce calcium oxalate stones oxalate is produced from the liver which comes through your diet such as nuts, chocolates

  • Calcium phosphate stones

Found in metabolic disorders such as renal tubular necrosis, also in some medications like topiramate.

  • Struvite stones

Forms when there is any kind of urinary tract infection.

  • Uric acid stones

Occurs in people who loose fluid especially in mal absorption syndrome .

  • Cystine stones

Forms in hereditary disorder known as cystinuria where large amount of amino acid are produced by your kidneys .



  • Blood test

Detection of high amount of calcium and uric acid in blood

  • Urine tests

24 hour urine sample shows you are excreting too few stone preventing substance.

  • CT Scan and Imaging X-rays

Detection of stones in the urinary tract.


Homeopathic Management

  • Homeopathy has created wonders in treating renal calculi
  • Based on symptom similarity and prescribing similimum remedy recurrence of kidney stone formation has also become minimal.
  • Homeopathic remedies have also shown positive results from severe acute renal calculi pain.


Homeopathic Remedies

  • Berberis Vulgaris

Physicians claim that this is one of the best remedies in treating right side kidney pain affecting right side renal calculi. Patients also complain that they feel some amount of urine is left in the bladder after passing urine .There is severe pain in loins and thighs while passing urine with marked soreness.


  • Cantharis

Very good remedy in treating left side kidney affections. When the symptom appears with marked intensity and rapidity this remedy acts best. Patients often complain that they have a desire to defecate while urinating. The burning sensation is a marked indication of this remedy. The best remedy in treating left side renal calculi.


  • Sarsaparilla

One of the best remedies for renal calculi. Urine appears to be sandy, and bloody. Urine dribbles on sitting. Child screams in pain before urinating acts best in children suffering from a kidney stones.Pain radiates from the right kidney to the flanks.


  • Colocynth

The patient often complains of extreme pain along urethra when they pass stools.Formation of hard red crystals appear in urine .Severe burning pain presents all over the abdomen which gets better by bending forward.


  • Nitric Acid

One of the best remedies for renal calculi. The patient complains of the splinter-like pain present. Urine appears to be scanty, dark and offensive. Some also say that urine smells like horse urine aluminous Severe stitching pain presents like splinters all over the urinary tract.


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