PSORIASIS- Types, Symptoms & Homeopathic Treatment

Best Homeopathic Treatment on Psoriasis in Pune

Psoriasis is termed an autoimmune disorder characterized by red or purple localized patches on the skin or sometimes all over the body.


  • Psoriasis Vulgaris
  • Guttate psoriasis
  • Pustular psoriasis
  • Erythrodermic psoriasis
  • Inverse psoriasis


  • Genetics especially if 1 twin is having a disorder
  • Certain microbes especially after streptococcus or staphylococcal infection
  • Drug-induced psoriasis especially after long use of beta-blockers, corticosteroid, lithium
  • Climatic conditions
  • Known case of HIV, or type 2 diabetes, or any heart disease
  • Alcohol intake


  • Plaques formation of white silvery patches especially on knees, elbows, scalp back
  • Red raised lesions with pus formation especially in the palmar aspect
  • Smooth inflamed patches especially at skin fold like genital areas, breasts, in buttocks
  • Red papules with silver scales are especially seen in infants who wear diapers which spread to the lower limbs
  • Painful swollen joints
  • Itching at the affected region
  • Sometimes dry skin with pitted thick nails


  • Arsenic album :

This remedy helps in patients having dry skin there are red patches especially on the back person who tries to scratch continuously patches become inflamed and may sometimes bleed due to continuing scratching affected area feels relief by applying warmth application patient is restless irritable due to his complaints.

  • Graphites :

This remedy is most suited in those who are having a long-term illness of skin disease there seems cracks and soreness all over the skin lesions are like leathery type with severe itching warm application worsens the complaint more patient feels irritable with lack of concentration.

  • Petroleum :

A typical feature of this remedy is all mental-emotional stress lands up into physical aggravation causing psoriasis patients to desire to be in the cold area because warm aggravates more itching in affected parts palms are more prone to psoriasis compared to the rest of the body parts.

  • Sulphur :

There is severe itching all over body lesions are red inflamed with a burning sensation all over patient does not feel to be in warmth wants the cold application to get relief continuous scratching may sometimes lead to bleeding from the eruptions.

  • Staphysagria :

Psoriasis usually develops due to suppressed anger or due to suppressed emotions usually, psoriasis develops first in the scalp region then spread to other parts of the body patient is anxious and gets embarrassed easily due to his complaints mentally patient is very quiet timid.

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