Case Study Of Renal Calculi

Case Study Of Renal Calculi | Patient Review | Dr. Vaseem

Renal Calculi

A patient with renal calculi of 2 years was cured in 4 months at Homeo Care Clinic with Homeopathy.

A patient Mrs. P.K. (Registration Number: – ABY-16) visited Homeo Care Clinic on 8th July 2022 with a complaint of pain in the back radiating to the front. She was experiencing burning during urination; urine flow was in form of drops with the sensation of obstruction at the start of urine. She had done USG (A+P) ON 24th June 2022 which shows 4.4mm of nonobstructive calculus at the mid pole of the right kidney. Along with the complaint she had leucorrhoea, back pain, leg pain, and hair fall issues.

She was a working woman and was following a sedentary lifestyle. She used to follow a non-veg diet and her water intake was in less quantity and craving spicy food, and could not bear much of the cold season. She was born and bought up in Pune. Used to mix up easily. She had the tendency to take stress on small things and work-related stress.

After a detailed case Analysis Dr. Vaseem Choudhary prescribed Ignatia 200CH medicine for renal calculi. She was advised to follow an appropriate diet and regimen. She was told to avoid food rich in calcium.

FOLLOW-UP – After taking medicine her hair fall, and her leucorrhoea was reduced Dr. Vaseem Choudhary advised her to continue the medicine.

After Month Of Treatment- 30 August 2022

There was no pain bothering her now, and her urine flow was normal. advised to continue with medicine.

After 4 Months Of Treatment- 3 November 2022

USG (3rd November 2022):- No Abnormality seen. Previous renal calculi not seen. The patient didn’t have any complaints.

The patient was happy and satisfied with the treatment which she received at Homeo Care Clinic and her sir had advised stopping with treatment.


This case illustrates how homeopathy offers excellent results in the case of renal calculi homeopathy is highly effective in treating renal calculi successfully and safely without any side effects.