Case Study – Hair Transplant Treatment done Successfully

Best hair transplant treatment in pune

Kisan realized that his hairline is receding or that he has a growing bald spot, which was hard to swallow. Kisan decided to take action before his hair loss became too obvious, and it made all the difference to him. Watch what he has to say about his experience at Homeo Care Clinic.

Kisan has been very happy with his 2,600-graft hair transplant surgery at Homeo Care Clinic on 4th September 2018. He was told that the best results would show at around 6-8 months, but he could already see a big difference after only three months. He was particularly happy with gaining almost an inch of new hairline in the front.

Getting a hair transplant is not a decision most people easily make. They worry about the downtime, whether it is painful, and if the results will be worth it. That’s why Homeo Care Clinic has become so popular in recent years. It’s a one-time procedure, it’s virtually pain-free, and the recovery is fast.

Maybe you’re not sure about a hair transplant because you remember the hair plugs and implants of your father’s generation. But the times have changed, and new technology has created new possibilities. Get started on your hair restoration journey by uploading your picture for a free no-obligation quote.

Hair transplants are an effective – if not the only effective – solution to hair loss. However, there are differences in how to administer the hair restoration based on your hair loss type.

On the day of his procedure, Homeo Care Clinic’s team of doctors first extracted hair grafts from the back of his head and then inserted them in the front to shape his new hairline.

Below you can see the before- and after pictures above

Kisan’s Hair Transplant Recovery

Homeo Care Clinic hair transplants are popular for many reasons. They are minimally invasive and virtually pain-free, and they leave no permanent scarring. But one of the biggest reasons to choose Homeo Care Clinic over other forms of hair transplant surgery is the rapid recovery.

What exactly does this mean?

Most patients are able to get back to their regular activities 1-2 days after their procedure. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily want to go back to work. In Kisan’s case, he felt comfortable going out in public after around 5 days, at which time his hair had grown back sufficiently to make it look fairly “normal.” (You can learn more about Kisan’s hair transplant experience in our interview with him.)

Best hair transplant treatment in pune
Best hair transplant treatment in pune