Diet to Maintain Cholesterol

Best Diet Plan to Maintain Cholesterol

Diet to be followed:

  1.  Have 1 bowl of oats meal or only egg white for breakfast.
  2. Opt for fruits like pear, pineapples bananas ,strawberries, berries , raspberry, apples ,grapes ,oranges.
  3. Eat beans , lentils ,peas ,black beans,whole grains for lunch.
  4. Green Leafy vegetables such as egg plant , carrots , cabbage ,brocolli ,spinach for meals .
  5. Soya products such as Soyabean ,tofu , soy milk also helps in reducing cholesterol levels.
  6. Non vegetarian can have fish.
  7. Green tea along with nuts ,dates can be eaten as snacks.
  8. Salads which include red onion ,tomato ,lettuce should be added with meal.
  9. Tomato juice ,almond milk ,orange juice should be consumed.
  10. whey protein smoothie can be consumed .


  1. Most important to avoid is egg yolk.
  2. Avoid high salt and sugar intake.
  3. Limit alcohol intake.
  4. Fatty cuts of red meat ,pork ,lamb should be avoided.
  5. Butter ,cheese ,cream should be restricted.
  6. Full Fat yoghurt to be avoided.
  7. Deep fried meat and cheese sticks to be avoided .
  8. Cookies ,cakes ,icecream ,pastries should be avoided which contain high amount of sugar .
  9. Potato chips ,donuts,french fries to be avoided .
  10. Fast food such as pizza ,burgers should be restricted .

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