Best Treatment For Fatty Liver In Homeopathy

Fatty Liver



It’s a condition in which excess fat is build up in the liver.

A healthy liver contains small amount of fat i.e., 5%, when the upper limit extends it leads to the condition called FATTY LIVER.




– These are caused by heavy drinkers.

Liver break down most of alcohol you drink, so it is removed from your body


Fatty liver treatment


But the process of breaking down generate harmful substances.


These substances damage liver cells and promote inflammation.

These weaken your natural body defences.



NAFLD is not related to heavy alcohol use

– NAFLD is made up of-

  1. Simple fatty liver

In which you have fat in your liver but little or no inflammation or liver cell damage. Simple fatty liver typically does not get bad enough to cause liver damage or complications.

  1. Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis(NASH)-

In which you have inflammation and liver cell damage, as well as fat in your liver. Inflammation and liver cell damage can cause fibrosis, or scarring, of the liver. NASH may lead to cirrhosis or liver cancer.



The risk factors make you more likely to develop it-

  • Being obese or overweight.
  • Having Type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance.
  • Having metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high triglyceride levels).
  • Taking certain prescription medications.
  • Have rapid weight loss.
  • Have certain infections, such as hepatitis C.
  • Have been exposed to some toxins.



They often have no symptoms until the disease progresses to cirrhosis of the liver. If you do have symptoms, they may include-

  • Abdominal pain or a feeling of fullness in the upper right side of the abdomen.
  • Nausea, loss of appetite or weight loss.
  • Yellowish skin and whites of the eyes (jaundice).
  • Swollen abdomen and legs (oedema).
  • Extreme tiredness or mental confusion.
  • Weakness.

Because there are often no symptoms, it is not easy to find fatty liver disease. Your doctor may suspect that you have it if you get abnormal results on liver tests that you had for other reasons.

You will likely have-

Blood tests, including liver function tests and blood count tests. In some cases, you may also have imaging tests, like those that check for fat in the liver and the stiffness of your liver. Liver stiffness can mean fibrosis, which is scarring of the liver. In some cases, you may also need a liver biopsy to confirm the diagnosis, and to check how bad the liver damage is.

  1. Chelidonium-

For Fatty Liver with Pain in Right Upper Abdomen Chelidonium is the top natural medicine for Fatty Liver treatment. The marked symptom for using this medicine is pain in right upper abdomen and pain under right shoulder. There may also be an enlargement of liver. The person is usually constipated. The stool passes in the form of hard balls. A distended abdomen with nausea and vomiting is also experienced. The patient suffers from excessive weakness. In case of jaundice in a patient with Fatty Liver too, Chelidonium is the best remedy. A hallmark symptom that adds weightage for selecting this medicine is a desire for very hot drinks and hot food.

  1. Lycopodium-

Lycopodium is a natural remedy of great help for treating Fatty Liver with gastric symptoms and acidity. The patient complains of distension or bloating of abdomen soon after eating anything. The abdomen feels full of gas. Burning belching is also experienced. Even eating a little causes fullness in the abdomen. The patient feels heaviness and pain in the right upper part of abdomen. Usually, the symptoms get worse towards the evening. Farinaceous food makes the person worse. An unusual craving for sweets and hot drinks in excess may be present.

  1. Phosphorus-

Phosphorus is the best natural medicine for patients of Fatty Liver who feel as if the food is coming upwards after eating. This is accompanied by sour belching. Vomiting may also occur in a few cases, along with pain in liver. The stool and flatus are very offensive. The patient feels weak after passing stool. The craving for peculiar things in diet is an important indication for using this medicine in Fatty Liver patients. These peculiar things include ice creams, cold drinks and refreshing items like juices.


4.Calcarea Carb-

Calcarea Carb is a very beneficial natural medicine for mainly obese Fatty Liver patients. The person is fatty, flabby with excess fat in liver and whole abdomen. This remedy successfully helps in burning excess fat in liver. The digestion is very slow in such persons with long-standing constipation. The abdomen always remains distended. Milk is not suitable for these persons. A few constitutional symptoms that are taken note of is a desire for boiled eggs or strange things like chalk and pencils. Another is sensitivity to cold air and excessive sweating on the head.

5.Nux vomica-

Nux Vomica is the best fatty liver treatment in homeopathy when the cause is over-consumption of alcohol. It is prescribed when pain in abdomen begins a few hours after eating, with a feeling of stone in abdomen. Sour or bitter belching accompanies the pain. A very significant symptom for selecting Nux Vomica for Fatty Liver is constipation with an ineffectual urge to pass stool or poop. The stool, however, is insufficient and unsatisfactory. The passing out of stool gives some relief from the pain in the abdomen but the urge to pass stool is renewed soon after. The patient craves for fatty food, spicy food, coffee and alcoholic drinks in diet.


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